Advertisement on Vehicles



Auto And Buses Adds

It is a very easy and affordable way of promotion. Auto usually goes every corner in the city. When buses go from one city to another city then a lot of the city crosses by buses. These both ways aware your brand

Car Advertisement

We have own vehicles for advertising your business quickly and easily. We will place your business poster's on cars. When these cars travel in public places, it makes people aware of your brand.

Banners Add

We increase your business by advertising in public places on pole banners. It is the best way of public attraction. It makes your brand no.1 in very little time. We will keep changing your posters according to the demand.

Being Different

Promote your business in such a different way's. This way of advertisement attract people easily. Our expert management help you to become successful in very short time.

Where will my advertisement be on vehicles ?

Passenger's Doors

Addition more eyeballs on your vehicle ads by setting your vehicle commercials on the passenger’s door. Perfect for gaining the impression from the overall population.

Driver’s Doors

Create unique concepts for your car advertisements to get attention of the car customer over to the driver’s door. This way of advertisement is ideal for who are looking for a creative ad concept.

Bumper & Rear

Rear Bumper ads are one of the most effective and affordable car advertisements. With the heavy traffic in Chandigarh, rear ads gain the most attraction of public.